Online Shops

Magento example:

In addition to the website, based on Typo3, elpix has built and developed the shop for Dekofactory. The store, set up on Magento, also includes a recommendation engine, which has inherited some functions from elpix, reflects the specific product requirements and can be covered neither of Magento nor by third-party extensions. This mainly includes the following new features:

  • Custom sizes with individual choices to within a centimeter within a predetermined range
  • Color selection for items using images with additional detailed information, such as color-dependent item number / color code
  • Shipping costs which depend on cargolength
  • Specific SEO

Magento example:

Elpix has renewed Kunnig PLC Magento webshop to The main structural principles are clarity and intuitive use. Thanks to simultaneous SEO-measures and better online representation, success is guaranteed.

Example xt-commerce:

On behalf of the Site Ranger e.K., elpix added this xt-commerce shop to various additional third-party modules.