Web Server Is Too Slow?

Even the best-designed user interface and optimal information and screen design will not help if your web server is too slow to respond to page requests. Users have to wait for the purchase search longer. In this case, either the hosting package should be increased or a server performance optimization is recommended.

Find the Bottlenecks

The problem can occur in many places: in the non-optimized SQL Queries, in the database or server configuration, in the Internet line, in programming, etc. The Internet Agency elpix can help you to find the bottlenecks, as the second step of performance optimization.

Ranking Performance and Conversion Rate

Even if some performance problems exist, you can always make an optimization – at the Web server settings (apache, lighty), in the Linux / Unix system settings or the „slow“ go through SQL queries. This improvesthe usability, as well as the search engines ranking. If you have a good server speed, you will be singled out in Google & Co. Moreover, sometimes you can achieve significant results by this reasonable investment in server optimization for websites, search engines, usability and ultimately in the conversion rate.

Ask and Get Advice

The Cologne Internet Agency elpix PLC offers you a consultation. We can assist you in competent and cost-effective server optimization not only in Cologne and the surrounding area, but also in Germany. We need usually only access to your web server. Elpix improves performance of your website!