The Internet Agency in Cologne

The Media City

Everyone knows Cologne. Besides the cathedral and the city carnival, it is also known as a metropolis. Cologne also has great importance as a media city. The saying “Mer kennt sech – mer helft sech”, which roughly means „A faithful friend is better than gold“, is often heard here. It means that many of the specialized agencies work symbiotically together in Cologne. An Internet agency has not just core competencies in PR, a PR agency not only deals with programming and so on. Elpix is a specialist in Internet Programming and the right partner for other related services.


The city offers an interesting job market, due to the population of more than a million people. Here you can find skilled programmers for the creation of sophisticated Internet applications. Cologne also attractsmany of them from the near and distant surroundings. Internet Agency elpix has united a team of experienced and qualified developers over 10-year history.

Leisure in Cologne

Cologne is attractive not only in the fifth season. City sights, the Rhine, and green landscapes are the best for a good rest. This makes the city not only interesting for newcomers, but is also a pleasant working environment, which is very important for Internet agencies. We invite you for a cup of coffee at our elpix office in 10 Duffesbachstraße. You can also visit us on facebook:  facebook/elpix-Internetagentur.