The History of Elpix

Past History

Prior to 1998, the company founder Burkhard Platte worked with computer services. This included the establishment and maintenance of small networks and graphic work, drawings for Random House and the preparation of company equipment.


Burkhard Platte and Jörg Margane found the PM-concept GbR, which provided network management and websites creation.


Elpix gets the contract for the relaunch of the existing hotel website. The previous site, programmed in Net Objekts fusion, is updated to PHP / MySQL.


Yaroslav Bazhenov begins his work with elpix. He quickly applies his technical skills and entrepreneurial thinking in the company. PM concept becomes the corporation and now operates as elpix AG.


The website of our client Travel Trex PLC is reprogrammed from ASP to PHP. Elpix singles out the Internet and network sectors. Burkhard Platte takes over the Internet sector and founds elpix PLC. Yaroslav Bazhenov and Sabine Müller become shareholders.


Elpix PLC signs the contract for the hotel recruitment Software (HoReSo) development on behalf of HoReSo PLC & Co. AG. The Intercontinental hotel chain uses the software worldwide as a candidate management.


The management achieves significant success, particularly in the online segment. Elpix customer base continues to grow.


Elpix PLC now has 15 permanent employees. The existing premises are no longer big enough. The company moves to 484, Bonner Str. It is the most successful year in our history.


Magento webshop succeeds in the open source environment. Elpix brings first client portals to market.


Elpix movesto Horbeller Str.


Elpix moves in the 10, Duffesbachstraße in Hürth.


More Magento projects are launched. The starts its work.