Internet Booking Engine / IBE

These are the corporate sites of the leading German tour operator for ski holidays (TravelTrexPLC). Elpix developed multilingual and multi-currency Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and CMS linked to the billing (of DaVinci of Bewotec). This includes programming interfaces and connectivity to business-related modules such as payment systems, affiliate programs, air interface, hotel data and images, vacancy checking and reservation, INFX data Merlin / Sabre interface, weather and the initial treatment of XML files.

The summer travel portal differs from it in design and seasonal offers, but it is also equipped with TravelTrex’s booking engine. It is available from the Internet Booking Engine Snowtrex in 24 languages. It is optimized for key phrases, as ‘narty’, ‘ski holiday’ and ‘voyages au ski’. The Content is provided in the local language. Bookings can be made in local currencies.

A partner application for the Portuguese market, based on the Internet Booking Engine by It accesses the same database and the data are currently being uploaded. Main keyword here is ‘férias na neve’.

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