Our new flagship reference is page programming of

IME seminars is one of the largest seminar provider. The page is iPhone scalable and conforms to the latest standards. Generally, seminars are also available via an Internet Booking Engine. However, the existing links for the event object such as locations, dates, extras and dynamic binding belong to the complicate matters and are skillfully guided. We are proud of our successful solutions.

Furthermore, we are especially proud of our programming of the following pages :

Intercontinental Hotels Group has become the largest industry-specific job board in the hospitality industry since 1999. According to an official publication Bundesanzeiger, published by the German department of Justice, the company has 2010 income of 1.4 million euros per year.

Snowtrex is the largest German tour operator for winter holidays, which has evolved since 2003. Over 300,000 euros circulate on the website every day.