Usability – User Experience

User-friendliness (usability) and user experience are the second stage in successful online sales. To create such product, you must first of all put yourself in your client’s shoe. If a prospective buyer comes to a website from a search engine, he decides whether he stays on the site in just a few seconds. He makes this decision intuitively or goes back to continue his search for the next hit record.

So the start page of your site is of special importance. Here, any user must find a competent advice and immediately feel comfortable. He understands intuitively whether he will find what he is looking for or not, evaluates the usability and subconsciously receives the emotional experiences of his visit to the Website, the so-called user experience.

Both factors also play an important role on the following pages to which he proceeds. He may stay on the web address or look for an alternative. Good usability and user experience can also make users come back to the page.

Elpix Internet Agency can help webshops, portals and Internet applications to analyze and improve intuitive usability / user friendliness and user experience. This contributes to higher conversion rates and attracts many potential customers and page visitors.