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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the adaptation of web pages to the algorithms of search engines (Google, etc.) to improve the rankings in search results and attract more customers to your site. It basically includes: higher ranking in search results, more users interest to your page. The first page results(the first ten entries) are especially effective. The 1-3 positions are attended in approximately 90% of cases.


An alternative to SEO is the placement of advertisements (e.g. Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing), which are called sponsored links (paid listing) or search engine marketing (SEM). The term search engine marketing includes a holistic search engine optimization. The systematic SEO brings as good results as SEM, but its results are long term, cost-effective and, above all, sustainable. Generally, search engine optimization is one of the main ways to attract new customers and make your online salessuccessful, as it brings the target audience to the necessary page.


Our Cologne Internet agency elpix created a catalog of SEO measures recommendations for existing websites in the form of prioritization of effort and success (SEO-Analysis). The important elements are the interaction of marketing strategy, market conditions and central concepts (keywords). The SEO-analysis in elpix includes the search of relevant keywords to make your site more successful.

On-site Optimization

has a lot of potential. With little things like of images and links you can achieve some significant results. It is often necessary to rethink the concept of the page. Each text must find access to Google. An onsite-optimized page is usually easily found. Usability and performance optimization can help to increase the conversion rate (purchase rate, etc.) on your website.

Off-site Measures

These mainly include such measures as SEO link building and link exchange. Creation of the affiliate pages can also be very helpful to improve the page.

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Our Cologne SEO agency offers the new customers a free brief analysis of their website / web portal. Contact us if you need SEO optimization or SEO consultancy – we are happy to help you.

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