The Basis for a Successful Online Marketing

The Internet market is growing steadily and stronger than the other marketplaces. Thus, every year the number of Internet connections and active users increases, as well as the number of online sales (HDE / e-commerce sales) and online advertising (Tomorrow Focus AG, Online Advertising Spending Report 2009). The growth relates not only to the B2C but also to the B2B market (BITKOM, Press Release 2010). The successful entrepreneurs, sales managers and sellers ask how to contribute to this growth?

If you have a business idea, we will bring it into reality. Elpix internet applications always meet the expectations of our customers. We create Internet solutions exactly according to these requirements. In order to develop your business efficiently and cost-effectively, elpix introduces some proven Internet technologies into it. They are as flexible, individual and economical as a successful online selling requires. Elpix Internet applications have a code optimized for the programming in a special way, to be visible in search engines. This results in higher performance and easy use of Internet applications, to bring the best conditions for great numbers of visitors. At the same time, we focus on intuitive user interface, usability and user experience to increase the visit time on the site and the completion rate / visitors (or conversion rate).

As a manufacturer for information design, elpix helps its customers on the Internet to become more efficient and thus more successful in online marketing.