Manage Categories in Magento Online Store

New categories can always be added to the Magento backend online store just below the existing categories. If you want, for example, create a new manufacturer under a category, you first click on the name of the appropriate category, then press the subcategory button to create a new menu item.

To add a category in the online store menu, you must fill at least three fields in the General Information tab. You have to choose a suitable name for the category and set Yes next to Is Active and Include in Navigation Menu in the two boxes below. After saving, the URL field is automatically filled with an URL, through which each category can be found in the browser. You can also enter any other URL in the Magento online store, for example, to specify a more appropriate term. If you want to display a descriptive text or a picture on each page of the category, you can do it in the fields Description and image.

In order to provide a page of higher quality for search engines and customers, it is recommended to create a short, striking and individual text for each category in Magento backend. You can specify other features that are interesting for search engines in the following three columns. Page Title corresponds to the category name, unless specified otherwise. In other words, the title of the page, which is displayed above in browser if someone opens the page of a Magento online store, can be controlled here. Meta keywords are not visible to the site visitors. Here you can enter several keywords that reflect the main slogans of the current page. Accordingly, a descriptive text for search engines meta description is given below. In the categories display settings, the first two points need amendments for the selection of the sub-category to be displayed on the page. In Display mode you can choose whether Article and / or a Static block will be displayed.

When selecting items, all products that are closely associated with the current menu item, are displayed in the Magento online store. It does not matter if the product was also linked to over- or under parent categories. The static block may be used to enhance the display of the categories. Is Anchor, which is set to Yes, shows not only the selection of items from the category associated with this article, but also all items of subordinate categories.