Transactional E-mails in Magento

In the transactional e-mails, you are able to manage all email templates that are sent to customers or guests of your Magento shop. They can be easily ranged by their titles. You can open and edit the template by clicking on it. It is recommended to create a new template, not to overwrite the original. When creating the new template, you can then select the original document as a template, so you do not have to worry about the proper format and modifications.

After selecting the correct template, you can load it using Load the template option. You can name it to find the template later again and write a subject of the email to be sent later. The passages enclosed in brackets will be later filled with the appropriate content. Correspondingly, the content and design of the e-mail can be adjusted in the next two text boxes. The e-mail templates used in Magento shop can be recovered in the backend menu. As an example, shipment notice and order confirmation are given.