Magento Configuration

Use Under System -> Configuration  to provide some important data such as contacts, e-mail addresses, shipping terms, shipping or payment options in Magento store.


In general, you can make the individual shop settings. You can enter your contact information in Contacts page.  You can choose the countries in which you will send your products using Country options. Only the selected countries can be chosen during the checkout. To expand the list, press Ctrl and select another country with a mouse click. If you forget to press Ctrl, all highlighted countries will be lost! This can no longer be cancelled if you accidentally save the settings. In this case, you should better reload the page to avoid malfunctions in the webshop. The settings for the localization and the business information behave the same way. The fields are self-explanatory.


In the Web, the URLs of Magento webshops and other settings for the browser and error detection can be set. There is nothing to adjust here.


In subitem package and themes, you can manage the layout, graphics and scripts, which are necessary for the appearance and operation of Magento webshops. If you use your own designs,  their names can be entered here. In HTML head you can make various adjustments to the Internet presence of the online shop. Here you can upload your own (favicon) logo, which will be displayed in the browser. In addition, you choose the title of the web shop and the already mentioned meta description and keywords. The reference INDEX, FOLLOW in Standard robots is required and recommended to allow search engines to index and find the Magento webshop. Otherwise, search engines will not find your shop. For example, if a tracker like Google Analytics must be integrated, you can enter the corresponding code in the field Various scripts and Script links with footers -> Miscellaneous HTML for the integration of statistical trackers. However, there is a much more effective way to integrate Google, which is presented below.  Some more refinements can be done on the page, but we will not go into details, because they are self-explanatory.

Store E-mail Addresses

In Magento you can configure 5 different email addresses, to help your customers contact you. You can select these e-mail addresses for various options in the appropriate places, and they are already preconfigured.


To make the contact form visible on the page, you can select the corresponding field in the Contacts tab. However, this applies only to the standard built-in contact form. You can control the behavior of the contact form. First, you can determine in Send e-mails to, which e-mail address will receive the contact requests. The chosen email account will be used. In the E-mail template page, you can change the appearance of the message. The design of the mail can be edited in System > Transactional emails, as described above.

Shipping Options

We describe some shipping methods in Magento Webshop below. The webshop app Matrix Rates offers simple and sensible management of the postage costs. Moreover, you can also offer special rates for service providers such as UPS or DHL.