Magento Online Store

General Information about Magento Online Store

Magento online stores are developed with Zend Framework and PHP 5, MySQL as the default database. Any databases can be used with flexible connection and a consistent MVC pattern. For individual online stores configuration,all settings are backed up in XML files.

The online store is available as a community edition (open source license), professional version (except in Germany) and enterprise edition (paid license with SLA support). New Magento Go is already hosted as Software-as-a-service. Details at

The Features of Magento Online Store

Generally, Magento has the usual online shop features and functions. These include typical online store features such as catalog and image management, order management + shopping cart, shipping, payment systems, application system, etc. There is also the enterprise version and features such as bonus points system. However, around 1500 of extensions of all types, free and partly charged, are available.

Professional Magento Online Store Creation

The experienced Cologne PLC Magento Agency elpix supports creation and optimization of your online store with Magento. As the official help texts are often ignored, we usually advise to work, using a number of Magento books, or to turn to the help of professional Magento developers. It is especially advisable to use professional help if you want to import data from an existing online shop system for Magento, as the imported data can be complicated sometimes. For these and other problems in merging the other online stores with Magento, we have developed an Internet provider matching tools. We advise you to create and optimize your Magento online store with us.

Custom Magento Module / Adjustments

Elpix has individually developed the following features for Magento online store:

  • Individual templates development
  • New custom-made individual choice possibilities
  • Color selection of products images with additional detail information
  • Shipping costs depend on the transportation length
  • Specific SEO
  • Magento ERP-systems connection
  • Tools for the import of other online shop systems articles and categories