Internet Programming

The Internet Agency elpix Cologne PLC has the experience and references in the programming of web applications and online shops. Thus, we have realized numerous shop systems with interfaces to ERP-systems. During web applications programming, we use popular open source tools such as PHP5, Zend Framework, Ajax JQuery and XML. We prefer only proven open source databases such as MySQL and MongoDB, possibly with HA clustering and data replication.

Our web solutions:

  • We designed a multi-brand and multi-currency Internet booking engine
  • Various content management systems based on open source or commercial software, especially Typo3 and WordPress
  • Design: custom layout development of web-based performances in the corporate design using a style guide
  • Multilingualism: a web portal in 24 languages for international customers
  • Partners: a customer with over 1000 affiliate integrations
  • Store Systems: customized open source shop systems like Magento Commerce and Enterprise
  • Payment solutions: we use programmed credit card, direct debit and PayPal modules
  • Search engine optimization: an internationally successful customer with 7-digit sales due to Google rankings
  • We programmed diverse, complex XML interface
  • Data import and export from / to other databases such as MS SQL, OpenEdge etc.