The Task Management

The task management is an elpix development, which is used in project tools for job management. This web-based application provides a centralized management of to do activities, which are added to a user management, customer management, project management, time and billing analysis.

What is Task Management?

The task management is primarily the central collection and processing of orders, of the customer’s (possibly internal) service. It provides an illustration of the workflow by creating a (partial) order to its conclusion; they can be used for tasks prioritization and planning and staff quotas for multiple projects and different clients. They also manage the communication between customer and service provider via email or directly by the tool surface.

The Modules of the Task Management

Order Management

Customers can place their orders directly to the service provider in the tool or send an email. The email is processed automatically and an order is created in the tools. This email is also stored and assigned to the order, so that it is accessible at any time. The ordersoverview is displayed in a table. Its columns contain all the related information that will be shown specifically for individual users. A key point here is the order status, which may have different characteristics, e.g. „open“, „back“, „in progress“, „completed“. You can set the various options of an order in edit mode. If any status changes occur, an email is automatically sent to the client and/or project. A text box is used to hold the job description and add another comment later.

Customer Management

The customer management is used to create, edit and delete data relevant to customers regarding allocation and communication.

Project Management

A project can be created by the Project Manager and assigned to a customer and cost centers.

User Management

User accounts are created, edited and deleted in the user administration. Each user can have different user profiles and / or individual rights for the tool or projects.

Vacation Planning

Furthermore, the tool provides a vacation planning. Here are the vacation days in a monthly view, which users can take into consideration.

Work Time Evaluation

Work time evaluation shows the customershow many hours the employees have worked in a month.


You can create invoices directly from the tool, exported them in CSV or Excel formats, and print them immediately.


The project tool has an interface showing information, concerning contracts and orders.