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Post a Comment is a small, simple and free plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows the user to submit a star rating for posts or pages. This review is embedded into WordPress as a comment. Using it, you get a quick and meaningful feedback from your users on the content of your website.

Features of the „Rate Post Comment“ plug-ins:

  • 5-star rating option in comment
  • show average rating in content by using shortcode elpix_average_rating
  • Integrated into WordPress
  • Feedback from users
  • No settings needed, just activate the plugin
  • Used in the custom fields in WordPress, so no additional database table is required
  • Translated into German, English and Russian



  • Download the zip file
  • Upload the zip file via WordPress
  • Activate the plugin in WordPress

Screenshots of „Rate Post Comment“:


Active star rating


Star rating


Backend display of stars in the edit view


Backend display of stars in the Overview

Sterne eingebttet in Inhalt

Stars embedded in content

– jQuery

If the plugin is deleted, all reviews will be deleted from the database.

For support inquiries, please, write to support-wpplugin@elpix.de

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