WordPress CMS

WordPress is a simple and flexible but powerful content management system (CMS). WordPress is used worldwide by millions of users. It is similar to Typo3 and freely available as open source software, which was developed with PHP and MySQL. The CMS is very simple and has no special requirements on the server. It is also easy to install. You can create even more complex layouts,using WordPress.

WordPress is good for traditional websites, blogs and even for small shops. There are several collections of freely available ready-made design templates. You can easily create your own templates. If the built-in features of WordPress do not meet your needs, over 17,000 plugins are available for download.

We advise you to choose appropriate CMS and give you an opportunity to create / re-launch your site on WordPress (if it is appropriate for you) or to adapt your current installation, e.g. for the on-site search engine optimization.