TOMA interface to Sabre and Merlin

Sabre / Merlin interface for Operators SNOW (SnowTrex) and TREX (SummerTrex)

TOMA – posting interface (Internet CRS), which through TCP / IP the analog of AMADEUS via STADIS – works. For communication, the following STADIS / START record types are used in the reservation system:

  • Record type T1 (general requirements)
  • Record Type 50 (information output)
  • Record type 51 (error output)
  • Record Type 52 (representation of a process)

The Sabre / Merlin reservation system upports the following:

  • Representation and the travels bookability on the Merlin / TOMA – booking mask with TOMA – Actions „B“, „BA“, „BC“, „BQ“, „I“, „H“, „D“, etc.
  • Access of the START / CRS / Merlin – interface to service providers Sabre, Amadeus, traffic, etc. Bewotec
  • Multilingual pages (German, Polish and other languages ​​available)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Any extensibility for specific requirements
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Surface for a new partner activation
  • Possibility of data compression
  • Daily updates of the corresponding INFX data and automatic data delivery to TravelTainment, traffics etc.