Create Text Blocks in Magento Store

The static blocks in Magento are similar to smaller version of pages. They do not appear independently but must be integrated into existing pages. Their overview is similar to pages overview.  To open a corresponding  static block, click on a column in the table. You can also create a new static block in Magento, choosing the corresponding option.

The block title is used to name the block in a selection field within the Magento store, if you want, for example, select a static block within a category. The page identifier, which corresponds to the block title, is used for internal purposes and to access Magento script level. The name should be written in lower case and correspond to the title block. Special characters should be avoided, and it is better to replace spaces with underscores.

The Enabled or Disabled status shows whether the block is available and displayed in the shop. You can edit the content when you create or change something on a page.