Magento Shop System: Manage Pages

Magento Backends gives the overview of all or some pages. The titles of the already existing pages are self-explanatory, but you can name the new pages if necessary. By clicking on the table column of a page, you can edit it. You can also create a new one by clicking on New Post.The following screen is identical. The contents of the page can be easily managed via the editor.

The elements can be formatted in the shop system Magento, just like in other similar text editors, for example,Word or Open Office. You can highlight the text using the mouse, copy and insert the contents to the page by right clicking to ->Paste. The design and the colors are mostly preserved. You need only to adjust font sizes, tables, links etc. By clicking on Show / Hide Editor you can change the view to HTML view. This allows you to change the page details.

You can change the design of a page and add information. It is important to select the correct number of columns for the page, which will suit the overall concept of the shop system. We have already discussed the metadata organization speaking about categories and articles. The meta keywords are not visible to the visitors of the site. Here you can enter several keywords, which reflect the main buzzwords of current page. In Magento, you also have to provide meta description – a descriptive text for search engines.