Create a Magento webshop

Magento Webshop installation

1. For the good performance of Magento webshop, it is important to choose the correct server requirements beforehand, according to the following criteria: orders per day, pages viewed, number of items etc.
2. After Magento installation, it is important to adjust the webshop settings properly to achieve maximum performance.
3. Numerous additional modules will help to customize the webshop, for example, for the German market.

Webshop Layout

1. Is it necessary to design a new layout or the layout of an already existing webshop should be taken? Here you need the help of a professional Magento Agency (e.g. elpixPLC from Cologne).
2. Select a few striking colors that support the sale of the products in our webshop
3. Details of the preparation and presentation of offers page
4. Select a logical menu structure that guides the customer to the goal
5. Guiding of use through the ordering process in the webshop

Payment Methods

1. It is important to select an appropriate type of payment when making a purchase. We can give you an on-site advice on payment method or you can come to us.
2. The selection of appropriate shipping and the establishment and recognition of the right price can be efficiently integrated with Magentowebshop.

Meaningful Features in Magento Webshop

1. SSL checkout in the shop is absolutely necessary nowadays to ensure the protection of their customers.
2. A recognized and trusted promotion of partners, such as Trusted Shops, increase their customer reputation.
3. A connection of Magentowebshops to their ERP system facilitates the daily work.
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