Magento Features in Detail

Marketing and Shop Tools

The online store Magento has flexible pricing: you can start with targeted promotions to improve the so-called „conversion rate“ (for example on Google Adwords). Such powerful tools such as up-sells and cross-sells help Magento to support webshop operators, in order to increase the average order value. This also applies to the sophisticated marketing tools of the online shop, which can be easily used to increase online sales.

Analysis and Reporting

The Reporting Suite in the Magento online store shows the benefits of our webshop, so that changes can be made quite quickly to meet the customers needs. Magento has an „out-of-the-box“ integration with Google Analytics and website optimization tools which allow you to perform A/B- or multivariate tests.

Magento Search Engine Optimization

The built-in SEO support allows Magentoto generate automatically search engine friendly URL-s and sitemaps for search engine submission. With the Magento URL Rewrite tool, you have both control over the exact structure of specific product pages and meta-information, which you can adjust via an intuitive administration interface of the web shop.

Pages management

Magento has a user-friendly interface that enables efficient management online. You can run an online store or multiple stores at the same time in different languages. Magentocan be updated with a single click, allowing gradual upgrade of new versions. Using the Web Service API, you can easily re-install many extensions.

Catalog Management

We manage products in our online shop entirely through the administration interface. A flexible catalog system includes various options for the individual products display in our online shop. They can be easily exported and imported. The Magento Core API supports integration via web services from existing systems to make the online store management more efficient.

Catalog Browsing

Magento’s strong feature set and flexible frontend give an opportunity to create user-friendly and customizeable websites. These include the layer-based navigation, product comparison and reviews. They help customers to find the right product.

Product Browsing

Magento’s flexible merchandising engine allows you to set up product catalogs to support the business. Up-sell, cross-sell and related items increase average order value.

Mobile Commerce

M-commerce offers versions for mobile devices. Magento automatically detects the appropriate browser and show the optimized shop version. Here you can choose between the whole catalog and a targeted selection of products, which are selected for these customers. Mobile transactions are likely to skyrocket in the next 5 years. Magento Online Store helps retailers and manufacturers to offer their customers a complete mobile experience.

Internationalized Online Shops

Magento is a fully global platform that expands its business and makes possible the simple use with multiple language versions for the specific customer needs. It is translated into over 60 languages ​​and supports multiple currencies, taxes and payment methods that makes the Magento online store fully internationalized.

Purchase in Magento

An intuitive and efficient order interface and the ability to integrate with various payment methods makes the Magento checkout process ideal for customers. Ordered items can be sent to multiple addresses. In addition, it offers gift certificates for its customers.


The flexible offering system in Magento online store is created to fit your type of shipment. Real-time rates, supporting specific discount prices or packages to customers are included. Free shipping discounts are available for a certain number of orders or as part of specific marketing promotions. The customers can also order items to multiple addresses.


Magento is equipped with a variety of payment methods, and supports alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon and Google. Customers can also pay by check / money order or with invoice. Some other payment extensions are also available through Magento Connect.

Customer Service in Magento

Customers can manage their account online shop by themselves, for example, the view order status. They can send questions, opinions or comments using the contact form. Call center employees are able to provide the necessary information for customers, including not only the order history, but also the items in your shopping cart and wish lists. To answer customers’ questions effectively and fulfill their orders, they use a so-called dashboard.

Customer Accounts in the Online Shop

Customer accounts allow to add items to a wish list and share them with friends and family, to edit contact information and address, to see ratings and product properties in the online shop.

Magento Order Management

Magento online stores customers can re-order past orders directly from their account, while administrators are able to view order histories and create orders in the backend.