Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) and Magento

There are numerous ERP-systems on the market. Some of them are free and some are paid systems. They are available in different specifications. Some ERP-systems, such as Magento, support stores automatically, others need to be linked through an interface. Here you will see a list of different software solutions.


The commercial ERP Amicron-Faktura is suitable for small and medium enterprises and has its own Magento extension, which simplifies the linking of the two systems. The installation is as simple as possible through Magento Commerce. The item goes through the third company after-sell. Amicron provides functions for product management, order processing, customer management, reminder system, supplier management, ordering and much more.


pixi *

Pixi * is a mail order software and enterprise resource planning for medium-sized companies. Pixi * provides links to many different software solutions by default. These include shop systems like Magento, various logistics service providers, payment service providers and banks, and third-party systems such as Datev or afterbuy. Pixi * also takes on the inventory management, customer management, purchasing management, assessment and payment processing. You can choose between a hosted solution, professional or enterprise version.



„Lexware brings order,“ is the motto on the company’s website. Lexware is rather widespread and offers numerous software solutions for accounting, payroll, order management, corporate governance, trade or craft. It connects to Magento through a third party, like LexShopor OscWare. Lexshop focuses its efforts on the pure Magento connection, while the same OscWare comes up with a whole range of interfaces for various service providers.


JTL Wawi

JTL Wawi is a free ERP-system, which provides enough functionality for small and medium enterprises. This includes the management of customers, suppliers, categories, articles, stock quotes, orders, and payments. A direct connection to Magento is not provided. Here, however, there are free jtImage project and the commercial project SyncAnt.



The m-por media PLC offers Facktura-XP an order management and inventory system, with numerous interfaces. The software is available in three versions: Classic, Shop &Magento and ProGold and offers all the important administrative functions and interfaces for key service providers, which engaged in order handling and processing. An export to major providers such as Ebay and Amazon is supported by default.



ManusERP is a provider of business software solution for B2B and B2C. It offers management of customer, product, supplier and performance data. An XML-based interface facilitates the exchange of products, customers, inventory and order data using Magento. An advanced interface also allows the exchange of price lists and set items. Depending on the nature and needs, manus offers various extensions of ManusERP that specialize in different subject areas.



OpenERP is an open source business solution. It includes sales solutions, opportunities for customer care, inventory management, financial management and opportunities for personnel administration. OpenERP can be configurated according to individual needs by modules matching, integration or creation. Using interfaces, such as the solution of a minimum Ecoservice, connection to Magento is possible. Here, the product name, description, the quantity stored, product images and the category of the article can be synchronized. Smile and Open Labs also offer some similar solutions.



Creative style offers no merchandise, but a Magento plugin gives a universal interface to any ERP programs, according to the manufacturer. The functionality includes: export of orders, the import order status, inventory synchronization, generate invoices and various information and details about the order process.



Another interface between ERP and Shop system provides the dmConnector. It must not be necessarily connected to Magento. Some ERP-systems are supported from home, others can be added on request. The services currently include Office PlusNExT, eVolution, Exact Globe ERP, Sage, SelectLine and some more. The dmConnector works in the background and can be easily operated via its graphical interface.